TOS - Important to Know

CXSouq is free to download application and to activate all its features the user need to pay a one time charge of only 4.99 USD. Simple and straightforward CXSouq is a unique gateway for first timers or crypto enthusiasts to buy and own crypto (XRP, BTC & ETH).

CXSouq architecture is not a conventional market trading or crypto exchange, if your intention is to day-trade we discourage you of using this platform.

On transactions we do not have any hidden charges, here are our service fees no more no less. Fundamental market variation (contango) applies for some transaction where we put utmost care that user always receives their order.

Lead time processing of each transaction is 1-5 working days and status can be found in the “my ledger/history” tab, user can submit a follow-up only after the lead time lapsed. In order to avoid loop of delays and transfer lost, it is the user responsibility to ensure that their external crypto wallet can send and receive crypto. Holding balance of 20 XRP is a system mandatory in case of XRP crypto.

We require proof of identity upon the initial threshold of 1,000 USD of transactions is reached by the user. Until the verification is completed the user will not be able to continue in using the platform key features except of the voucher usd withdrawal. User can submit anytime proof of identity before reaching the initial threshold in the “verify account” on the app menu.

Googi is free and convertible to crypto and user can easily collect and accumulate googi by simply inviting people they know to join CXSouq. During signup the invited should enter the user badge number as mentor.

The referral reward program is up to five levels of lineage which translate that user will earn free googi as well from those successful invites of their contacts. User can check and at anytime convert their earned googi to crypto.

Chat messaging tab has many unique and secured features to discover, like sending watermarked-photo that protects the user from exploitation and breach of privacy. User chat messenger is always subjected to our strict compliance with regards for responsible use and of protection and safety of society.

Each verified user once reached transactions above 10,000 may require by us to fill a form and of additional documents, when applicable, in compliance with AML/KYC and to protect the user itself for any fraudulent transactions.

User account will be considered dormant within a year of inactivity. Dormant and deactivated account history will be removed from our database and any balances of googi, crypto and voucher usd will be appropriated solely in favor of CXSouq.

CXSouq services are not applicable to the following countries; Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Qatar, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

We do not allow our platform to be misused for financial manipulation or be use as medium to any form of social messaging abuse, therefore on any suspicious user activity we have the sole authority in the deletion of the user account and seize of membership along with any incurred funds and benefits without any prior warning.

Any further clarification that you may find necessary and not covered in this TOS-Important to Know please feel free to email us at [email protected]

We always strive hard to bring you the best experience in using CXSouq.

CXSouq Team